• some gooses outdoor are enclosed by galvanized chicken wire
  • a rabbit is looking out through the green PVC coated chicken wire (PVC coated before weaving)
  • green PVC coated chicken wire (PVC coated after weaving) for enclosing hens
  • two ducks are enclosed by galvanized welded wire mesh with square opening.
  • a hen is forging behind the army green knitted plastic mesh

Why Do You Need Poultry Nettings?

As the enhancing of health awareness, more needs of healthy food including free range poultry and animals are increasing. Thereby the poultry netting, a type of portable and durable fence for enclosing poultry outdoors, sweeps across the fencing market quickly and now it still own a large proportion in the worldwide market.

a cute chick in the lawn

Poultry netting allows birds and animals enjoy fresh nutrients.

Poultry netting is strong enough to allow poultry to enjoy the fresh nutrients, like grass and insects, in that it minimizes your expenditure on purchasing forage. Meanwhile, the poultry netting is specially treated for water proof, anti-rust and corrosion resistant. Additionally, it can withstand the effect of atrocious weather and extreme hot or cold temperature.

On account of its incomparable characters, it is not only used in enclosing poultry and other small animals, but also fish farming, plant and crops protection, garden fencing, building reinforcement, etc.

The poultry netting we supply:

After learning and analyzing the entire need of our customer, we introduce these three kinds of poultry netting to choose from: chicken wire, welded wire mesh and plastic mesh.

Chicken wire is a kind of hexagonal wire mesh, which is specially designed to protect a run of chickens, rabbits and other small animals from the attack of predators. Meanwhile, our chicken wire is anti-rust and can be used in the humid and corrosive environments due to its superior zinc or PVC coating which adheres to the high quality low carbon steel. Stainless steel mesh is also available as your requirements.

Welded wire mesh is composed of low carbon steel which is welded together with square or rectangular opening. Compared to chicken wire, it is more durable and can be used to building cages for small even medium animals.

Plastic mesh is mainly made of 100% virgin polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide which gives the products characters of water-proof, anti-weather and anti-aging. According to the production method, the plastic mesh can be divided into extruded plastic mesh, oriented plastic mesh and knitted plastic mesh for all types of application.

Package of our poultry netting:

  1. Shrink film coating with label.
  2. Water proof paper and shrink film coating with label.
  3. Coated with water proof and shrink film, and then packed with cardboard carton.
  4. Coated with water proof and shrink film, and then packed with pallet.
  5. Or custom way of packing as your requirements.
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