Your Best Choice for Keeping Free Range Poultry

Plastic Mesh

Fluger Poultry Netting Company, founded in 1984, has proven to be the leading company in the field of fencing markets through over 30 years' operating.

Before the company established, our leader was a fruit farmer; he kept chickens as a sideline. In the course of time, he realized that it took a lot of time and effort to clean henhouse. So a daring idea flashed in his mind - why not to keep chickens in my orchard?

After carrying out this idea, he found that the chicken is much healthier than before and there is no need of so much forages any more. And it also saved his time to clean henhouse, but it is different to control the chicken because they cannot be in a stationary place. Thereby, he realized the need of lightweight and durable poultry netting is so urgent but the fencing market then could not meet his need.

Then he employed professional team and built a well-equipped factory to develop and manufacture poultry netting to meet the needs of building permanent or temporary fence for poultry.

After a serous of testing, our company introduces a range of poultry netting including chicken wire, welded wire mesh and plastic mesh in different sizes and shapes for all types of application. All the products are produced under high quality control to secure the products satisfy our customers.

Our poultry nettings are exported to America, Europe, Japan, Korea and the Middle East, etc. Meanwhile, our products have won great acknowledges from our customers due its high quality and competitive price.

Additionally, we can provide you some advice about the choice of poultry netting and we can also pick up the most suitable one for you. If you have any questions, please email us at