The Reasons to Choose Chicken Wire

Chicken wire mainly refers to hexagonal wire netting, which is traditional low-cost solution for securing a flock of chickens, domestic pets and other small animals. It is mainly made of high quality low carbon steel with zinc coating or PVC coating for providing for providing superior protection to the core wire from the damage of rust and corrosion. As your request, stainless steel mesh is also available in our company.

Different process:

Different weaving method:

 two pictures of straight twist and double direction twist for a comparison

What is chicken wire mainly used to?

chicken wire mesh is used to protect tomatoes form the birds' damages

Chicken wire can protect plants from birds and chipmunks

chicken wire mesh is used to decorate the closet

Chicken wire can be used to build cages for small animals

chicken wire mesh is used to build cages for small animals and keeping predators out.

Chicken wire for decorating


This is an absolute must piece of equipment for anyone keeping poultry and small animals. Three years ago, I purchased chicken wires in Fluger for keeping my chickens, it totally exceeded my expectation for its perfect working performance of enclosing the chickens outdoors and no predators can attack them anymore.

I also use the rest of chicken wire to build cages for make it convenient to take much care of chicks. Either the fence or the cages composed of chicken wire is durable and anti-rust. So what are you waiting for? Come and get it!

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