How Does Oriented Plastic Mesh Protect Your Chickens?

Oriented plastic mesh refers to an extruded plastic mesh which has been reheated and stretched in machine direction, cross direction or both directions to form a lightweight and flexible mesh with high tensile strength. Generally, the extruded square, flat and co-extruded plastic mesh may be processed through orientation.

a black oriented plastic mesh

Oriented plastic mesh

Oriented plastic mesh is often used for horizontal applications, for example:

  • Covering crops for keeping birds, deer and other animals out
  • Covering ponds to protect the fish against fish-eating birds and animals
  • Keep the pond clean by preventing light airborne debris in Meanwhile, it can be used to enclose poultry, deer and other animals in small or large areas.


  1. Material: Polyethylene or polypropylene.
  2. Colors: Black, white, green, Army green, red, blue, brown, yellow, etc.
  3. Mesh size: 1/6"-4".
  4. Opening shape: square or rectangular.
  5. Roll width: 0.2m to 2m or as your request.
  6. Roll length: 30m to 60m or custom.
Army green oriented plastic mesh in a women’s hand for protecting plants

Oriented plastic meshes are perfect for keeping plants from birds' damages.

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