How Does Oriented Plastic Mesh Protect Your Chickens?

Oriented plastic mesh refers to an extruded plastic mesh which has been reheated and stretched in machine direction, cross direction or both directions to form a lightweight and flexible mesh with high tensile strength. Generally, the extruded square, flat and co-extruded plastic mesh may be processed through orientation.

a black oriented plastic mesh

Oriented plastic mesh

Army green oriented plastic mesh in a women’s hand for protecting plants

Oriented plastic meshes are perfect for keeping plants from birds' damages.

Oriented plastic mesh is often used for horizontal applications, for example:



This is an absolute must piece of equipment for anyone keeping poultry and small animals. Three years ago, I purchased chicken wires in Fluger for keeping my chickens, it totally exceeded my expectation for its perfect working performance of enclosing the chickens outdoors and no predators can attack them anymore.

I also use the rest of chicken wire to build cages for make it convenient to take much care of chicks. Either the fence or the cages composed of chicken wire is durable and anti-rust. So what are you waiting for? Come and get it!

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