Why is plastic mesh outstanding among poultry nettings?

Plastic mesh, experienced the trail of time, have proven to be a competitive alternative to traditional wire meshes, including chicken wire and welded wire mesh. It is manufacturing in non-toxic and flexible virgin polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide with characteristics that will not rust, rot and corrode.

What kind of plastic mesh can we supply?

According to the products' processing techniques, we supply three types of plastic mesh: extruded plastic mesh, oriented plastic mesh and knitted plastic mesh as shown in the picture:

Withstand the effect of weather, especially extremely cold or hot weather;
Will not rust, rot and corrode;
Flexible and lightweight for easy installation;
No need of heavy fencing post, just metal fencing pin is qualified;
UV stabilized;
Provide higher strength than wire mesh;
Can be visible colored for deterring pest and protect plants;
Better holding its shapes than wire mesh;
Low cost;
Can be reused;
Easy to clean.

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