How to Install a Poultry Netting

  1. Dig about two feet depth holes at the corners of your desired enclosing area. You can use a shovel to dig, or choose post anchors which are easy to be screwed or hammered in to support your fence post.
  2. Place your fence post into holes and making sure that all heads of the post are in a horizontal line. Backfill the holes by shovel and tread down the earth round the post to make sure the fence posts are fixed firmly.
  3. Tie the corner posts by a string to guide the placements of fence line post, which should be placed every six or eight feet. Place fence line posts in the way of corner posts.
    a white temporary fence composed of chicken wire
  4. Unroll the poultry netting and fasten them to one of the corner posts by fence staples, which are stapled to the post every six to eight inches.
  5. Roll the poultry netting in clockwise direction outside the fence post. When the netting is going to reach the next post, ask someone to stretch the netting or stretch it yourself by using a rod which is strong enough to take the strain of tightening the wire.
  6. Fasten the poultry netting to the next post and repeat this unrolling, stretching and nailing process until the entire poultry fence has been installed.

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